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Patients throughout Central Florida who struggle with diabetes and other endocrine or metabolic disorders can get the comprehensive care they need at Orlando Endocrinology.

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It’s estimated that nearly 10% of Americans have some form of diabetes, and about 25% of diabetics are undiagnosed. That’s why the team at Orlando Endocrinology specializes in recognizing early symptoms and providing the latest solutions.

Dr. Matthew Shlapack and his team of diabetes specialists can get you the care you need for your diabetes . Request an appointment through our online contact form, or call the office today.


With osteoporosis, your bones become abnormally porous, making them weak and brittle and drastically increasing the risk of a fracture. The team at Orlando Endocrinology offers effective solutions to preserve your bone health.

Thyroid Diseases

Your thyroid is responsible for producing hormones that regulate your metabolism, heart function, and digestion processes. Since thyroid diseases can affect any of these processes, the specialized team at Orlando Endocrinology offer comprehensive care and treatment.

Dr. Shlapack

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    Dr. Matthew Shlapack

    Orlando, FL

    “Being a physician means providing compassionate care with every visit and always staying at the cutting edge to ensure that my patients benefit from the newest breakthroughs.”

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